RAQUEL RODEZNO @raquerodezno

I'm passionate of healthy lifestyle and exercise. Nowadays, the demand for artificial products and food that are harmful for our health has had a huge negative impact on women's health worldwide. My obsession to have an answer for this problem, has taken my knowledge to become a consultant for many families on how to eat better at home and how to choose the best ingredients, which is the challenge of every woman's life. I have the opportunity to be part of Iron Divas team and the opportunity to share my knowledge to create a positive impact at home and in your community.

PAOLA: @paolaayala13

I firmly believe that no matter how hard the challenge is, if we’re disciplined, if we have a purpose and a strong why, women from all over the world can achieve amazing things in life

KATY: @katypaniaguafitness

I love life and I love what I do. I love seeing women happy when change happens in their bodies and I hope life keeps giving me the opportunity to change lives and be able to share mi story to motivate others, with my very own life example; that anything is possible if we work hard for it.

SOFIA: @sofimavila

I have always being a healthy person. My thing is not 20 inch biceps, but I love looking good in my day to day. I’m a normal girl who graduated from College, who loves fashion, good food and enjoys a healthy active lifestyle.

AIDA: @aidaturcios

My passion for sport has been in my heart from a very young age. Rowing, swimming, running and now Triathlon. I have an Olympic Dream, for which i give myself heart and soul. Every dream is possible, you choose yours!